Information Policy

Information Policy

The modern society is impossible to imagine without semiconductor electronic devices. Radio, being the predecessor of electronics, gave start of vacuum electronics. The emergence of semiconductor electronics led to the revolutionary miniaturization of electronic devices. For a few decades active elements became ten billion times smaller – from a few centimeter electronic radio-tube to a few nanometer semiconductor die  integrated transistor.

Nowadays semiconductor technologies are implemented in production of integrated circuits, diodes, transistors, thyristors, photoelements, single and multiple-functioning modules, complex devices of system-in-the-case class, etc.

Technological development of Russia (being one of the most important sphere) is a priority task. It can ensure the competitiveness of country’s economy and the protection of national interests in the modern world.

On the meeting on the completion of State Defense Order on 14th of May 2014, Vladimir Putin noted that (as been informed by Russian News Agency “TASS”) “We have to make everything to ensure that all that is used by and needed by Defence Industry, is producing at our territory, so we won`t be dependent on anyone in re-equipment of our army and naval forces with new weapon systems”.

Research and scientific journal “Electronic Engineering. Series 2. Semiconductor Devices” contributes to the development of electronics and the completion of assigned tasks by organizing the exchange of scientific and practical results among the scientific and technology specialists. For several long years since the establishment of Journal, it published issues on design and production of microwave semiconductor devices, MMICs, power and photoelectronic devices; solid-state radio-electronic modules; physical and technological modeling of semiconductor devices, production techniques, measuring and testing methods; economics and management of solid-state electronic products.

Main goals of the Journal are:

  • Increase of scientific knowledge in Electronics;
  • Timely and reliable distribution of information on scientific researches;
  • Integration of Russian scientists in international scientific community and vice versa;

Journal priority tasks are:

  • To attract established authors and perspective young specialists;
  • To provide exchange of scientific and practical results to the scientific and technology specialists;
  • To increase periodicity and printing frequency;
  • To increase citation index;
  • To increase availability of Journal in Russia and abroad;

To add journal to the international data sources.

Journal categories include all branches of solid-state electronics. Specialists and editors carefully consider all incoming materials and approve their publication.

Journal “Electronic Engineering. Series 2. Semiconductor devices” greatly contributes to the development of domestic science and engineering and the development of a new technologically advances society.