Editorial board

Editorial Board


Chief Editor:

Yury Vladimirovich Kolkovsky – Deputy General Director of JSC «S&PE «Pulsar», Sc.D. (Doctor of Engineering), Professor

Phone: (499) 369-05-33
E-mail: administrator@pulsarnpp.ru


Deputy Chief Editor:

Vladimir Fedorovich Sinkevich – Deputy General Director of JSC «S&PE «Pulsar», Sc.D. (Doctor of Engineering), Professor

Phone: (495) 365-06-80
E-mail: administrator@pulsarnpp.ru

Mikhail Mironovich Krymko – Chief Researcher of JSC «S&PE «Pulsar», Ph.D. (Engineering)

Phone: (499) 369-03-33, (499) 745-05-44, 29-35
E-mail: krymko@pulsarnpp.ru


The members of Editorial Board:

Andrey Nikolaevich Aleshin – Head of «Fundamental research of low-dimensional electronic systems in nano-heterostructures of A3B5 compounds» laboratory in the Institute of Microwave Semiconductor Electronics of Russian Academy of Science, Sc.D. (Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences)

Andrey Semenovich Evstigneev – Deputy General Director of JSC «S&PE «Pulsar», Ph.D. (Engineering)

Igor Platonovich Zhigan – Deputy General Director – Deputy of Director of Engineering of JSC «CB «Kuntsevo», Sc.D. (Doctor of Engineering), Professor

Vadim Minkhatovich Minnebaev Deputy General Director of JSC «S&PE «Pulsar», Ph.D. (Engineering)

Aleksander Aleksandrovich Shapovalov Head of Division of JSC «S&PE «Pulsar», Ph.D. (Economics)

Ekaterina Vladilenovna Kaevitser – Head of laboratory of JSC «S&PE «Pulsar», Ph.D. (Physical and Mathematical Sciences)

Yuly Abramovich Kontsevoy – Chief Scientific Associate of JSC «S&PE «Pulsar», Sc.D. (Doctor of Engineering), Professor

Evgeniy Ivanovich Minakov – Professor of the «Radioelectronics» Department of Tula State University, Sc.D. (Doctor of Engineering), Associate professor

Konstantin Orestovich Petrosyants – Professor of the Electronic Engineering Department of MIEM HSE, Sc.D. (Doctor of Engineering), Professor

Evgeny Matveevich Savchenko – Head of Design Centre of JSC «S&PE «Pulsar», Ph.D. (Engineering)

Victor Petrovich Chaliy – Director of CJSC «Svetlana-Rost», Ph.D. (Physical and Mathematical Sciences)

Mikhail Nikolaevich Kiselev – Head of Department of JSC «S&PE «Pulsar»

Natalia Igorevna Sharapezhnikova – Editorial Board Executive Secretary

Phone: (499) 745-05-44, доб. 11-04
E-mail:  journal@pulsarnpp.ru


Journal Editors:

Vadim Minkhatovich Minnebaev – Scientific editor

Yuly Abramovich Kontsevoy – Scientific consultant

Mikhail Sergeevich LazarenkoEditorial Board Vice Executive Secretary

Dmitry Igorevich Lekanov – Translator