Supervisory board

Supervisory Board

President of the Supervisory Board:

Vadim Vladimirovich Gruzdov – General Director of JSC «S&PE «Pulsar», Ph.D. (Economic Science), Professor


Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board:

Farid Imiraslanovich Shamkhalov – Scientific Secretary of JSC «S&PE «Pulsar», Sc.D. (Doctor of Economic Sciences), Professor «S&PE «Pulsar», Ph.D. (Economic Science), Professor

The members of the Supervisory Board:

Aleksander Sergeevich Sigov– President of Moscow Technological University, Academician of RAS, Sc.D. (Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences), Professor

Vladimir Lvovich Pankov– First Vice-Rector of Moscow Technological University, Professor

Grigoriy Aleksandrovich Egorochkin – General Director of JSC «FSPC «NNIIRT», Ph.D. (Chemical Science)

Vladimir Georgievich Nemudrov – General Director of  JSC «NIIMA «Progress», Sc.D. (Doctor of Engineering), Professor

Sergey Nikolaevich Ignatkov – General Director of JSC «CB «Kuntsevo»

Vitaly Arsenyevich Telets – Director of National Research Nuclear University «MIFI», Sc.D. (Doctor of Engineering), Professor

Aleksander Aleksandrovich Schuka – Professor of Moscow State Technological University MIREA, Sc.D. (Doctor of Engineetring)